Love Your Body was written by social worker, and founder of Re-shape, Jessica Sanders and illustrated by Brazilian artist Carol Rossetti. This book is an empowering guide for girls to support the development of positive body image. In this book, girls are encouraged to view their body as an incredible instrument that allows them to do, see and feel. The concept of self-love is introduced and practical self-care tips are included to build resilience and emotional intelligence.  

This book was written for every girl, regardless of whether or not they are exhibiting signs of negative body image. We are living in an incredibly visual world and unfortunately it’s becoming increasingly hard for girls to escape internalising the pressure of perfection. Prevention is key: every girl deserves to be taught about self-love and self-acceptance.

Love Your Body encourages girls to do more and see more through empowering illustrations that show girls exploring, creating and embracing who they are.The powerful illustrations by Carol Rossetti show truly diverse characters celebrating their different bodies. So-called ‘imperfections’ (such as stretch marks, pimples and cellulite) are shown in order to normalise characteristics which, though completely natural, are not usually portrayed in children’s books or popular media.