Our Mission 

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At re-shape we want every girl to feel confident in themselves and their body. 

When a girl feels more confident in her body she will be more assertive, perform better academically and physically, plus say ‘yes’ to more opportunities. We intend to approach our goal through three approaches.

1. Preventive education.

Love Your Body can be used as a preventive resource by parents and educators. Lesson plans for teachers will become available upon the release of the book in May. Additional resources for parents and carers will also become available at this time on our website

2. Demanding greater representation in popular media.

The documentary photo series ‘I wish I had known’ aims to provoke advertisers and media outlets to include diverse bodies and ethnicity in the content they share. 

3. Individual change.

Re-shape is building a community of people who want to challenge unrealistic beauty standards and feel more confident in their own bodies. Change starts with each one of us. Small, individual acts of rebellion such as choosing to celebrate a girl’s abilities rather than her appearance or actively making the choice to practice self-compassion are very powerful.