Instagram 12+

Bodyposipanda - the perfect introduction to body positivity.

Jameela Jamil - actor (Tahani from the good place) , journalist, passionate speaker on body acceptance, influencer accountablity and gender equality.

i_weigh - Jameela Jamil’s movement encouraging us to value ourselves for all the things that make up our true weight such as our; personality, ability, talent, support network, how we make others feel.

Turia Pitt - burns survivor, public speaker and much loved Australian personality.

Jessica Quinn - an advocate to bring disability to the mainstream so that girls can embrace who they are.

Live Life Unfiltered - interviews with girls who talk about the instagram, filters and what actually goes on behind them.

Yoga and Mindfulness

Smiling Mind


Yoga with Adrienne



You must be Layla

You Got This: a fabulously fearless guide to being you

Puberty Books

Celebrate Your Body - And It’s Changes Too

The Girl Guide