Self-care poster

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Self-care Accounts

@makedaisychains - illustrated images of daily self-care rituals.

@selfcareisforeveryone - beautiful reminders to take care of yourself.

@iamjesssanders - (it’s me jess) I share regular reminders to practice self-care & recommend awesome accounts to follow.

@onbeinginyourbody - wonderful illustrations that will teach you and inspire you.

Activist Accounts

Jameela Jamil - is an actor, journalist, and activist for body acceptance, enthusiastic consent and gender equality.

Greta Thunberg - is a young activist who is fighting to save the planet from global warming.

Turia Pitt - burns survivor, public speaker and much loved Australian personality.

Body Positive Accounts

Bodyposipanda - the perfect introduction to body positivity.

i_weigh - is a movement encouraging others to value themselves for all the things that make up their true value such as their personality and abilities.

Bopo.Boy - LGBTQIA+ & Body Acceptance Activist

Jessica Quinn - an advocate to bring disability to the mainstream so that girls can embrace who they are.

Yoga and Mindfulness

Smiling Mind - free app.

Headspace - paid app.

Yoga with Adrienne - free yoga videos.

BOOKS for body acceptance


You must be Layla

You Got This: a fabulously fearless guide to being you